Saturday, March 23, 2013

Darren Criss


  1. Hot. More Darren Criss! ^^

  2. Your manipulations are awesome! You do an excellent job of "bringing to life" what the cock may look like on a hot celebrity. Haven't we all wondered about the cock beneath the big bulge? Of course we have! Guys are visual, and we get turned on by seeing a nice cock on a rockin' dude. We are able to fantasize more easily, to stroke our own cocks harder and harder while looking at your image. We get rock hard, leak copious amounts of pre-cum until our toes curl, and we nut, exploding with your image seared in our mind.

    After we come down from our high, we realize that, "Damn, that was hot!" and realize I would never have busted a nut looking at a celebrity in a t-shirt and jeans... But now that I have discovered your fantasy creations, I find my self extremely horny after having just busted a nut, and ready to create my next fantasy!

    Great! Hot! Awesome!